Privacy Policy

Use and disclosure of information

Unless stated otherwise, personal information supplied by you over this site is only used by AIRAH in connection with providing the services on Other information provided such as survey data and feedback may also be used to improve our products and services.

AIRAH at all times strives to ensure that the use of information provided is transparent. If personal details need to be used for a purpose other than one that could reasonably be expected by users of the site, specific consent will be sought.

AIRAH will not generally disclose personal information obtained through this website to external parties, other than for a purpose directly related to the provision or improvement of this website’s services.

In order to deliver services, AIRAH occasionally needs to provide some personal information provided to its agents, contractors or third party service providers (such as providers of administrative, telecommunications, computer or other services). These service providers support the operation of AIRAH’s business and are under contract to AIRAH to keep that information confidential and secure.

AIRAH does not provide or sell any database information to external organisations for commercial purposes.

Access to information

To access, check or amend any personal information held by AIRAH, please visit

If you have any queries about the way in which AIRAH is handling your personal information, please contact us. In the event that we are unable to resolve any queries, you are entitled to arrange for an independent person (such as the Privacy Commissioner) to investigate your complaint.