Water Calculator

This cooling tower water efficiency calculator has been developed by AIRAH with support from a wide range of industry stakeholders, water corporations and the Victorian Government.

NB: This calculator is for towers located in VICTORIA and the database only works with micro Siemens conductivity readings.

Some example reports to help you find the information for the calculator:
Example 1
Example 2

1Raw water quality

If you know the raw water quality of your cooling tower, you can enter it directly into the space below.

  1. Raw Water Quality?
    The 'raw water quality' is the conductivity (given in micro siemens) of the supply water topping up the cooling tower. For example, if the cooling tower is supplied with mains tap water, then the conductivity of tap water should be entered into this box. The conductivity may be provided on the cooling system water treatment service reports, or may be available from your water retailer (if tap water is being used).
    microSiemens/cm (μS/cm)
  2. Alternatively, if you don't know the raw water quality of your cooling tower, select your city from the list below to look up the correct value.