Water Calculator

This cooling tower water efficiency calculator has been developed by AIRAH with support from a wide range of industry stakeholders, water corporations and the Victorian Government.

NB: This calculator is for towers located in VICTORIA and the database only works with micro Siemens conductivity readings.

 Efficiency report

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Based on the information provided, your water cooling system's inefficiency is:


0-5% Excellent
5-10% Good
10-15% Moderate
>15% Poor

Your cooling tower details:
Raw water quality:
Service report date:
Recirculating water conductivity:
Maximum recommended conductivity:
Calculated/potential water saving

To ensure water efficiency:

  • Ensure the system conductivity remains at the maximum recommended values at all times.
  • Continue monitoring the make-up water meter to measure the water consumption by the systems. It is suggested this is trended in conjunction with the heat load of the system and in the event of excessive water losses occurring an investigation performed.
  • Ensure the automated dosing equipment is operating as designed to accurately control conductivity and other elements of the chemical treatment program.

Please consult your water treatment service provider for further information on the optimum cycles of concentration suitable for your cooling system, and what suitable control systems should be employed to ensure the maintenance of those cycles at all times.

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